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Calculate your KUA number

The KUA number, method belonging to the Compass School of Feng Shui inside is given by a mathematical formula that uses the date of birth and sex of the person. Used to describe your personality, ambitions and future. It is linked to the Lo Shu magic square, by means of linking the coordinates of the nine digits that make up the total Kua numbers and living standards. Using this guide, you can activate each of the coordinates into your life conducive for Feng Shui.

The Kua divides people into two groups, the East and West, this generates in some consistent relationships between certain numbers, but reveals some disagreements among others. It is certain that those who belong to the same group have more durable and stable relations, not least because for them coincide auspicious and inauspicious directions for Feng Shui.

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Then how KUA number is calculated must take the last two digits of the year of our birth, we add, if the result is a two digit number, add it back to reduce it to one digit.

For men must subtract the resulting number to 10. The result of the subtraction will KUA number.

In the case of women should add 5 to the resulting number. The result of the sum will be the KUA number.

There is an exception in this case.

For Women: If your Kua number is 5, you must use 8.

For Men: If your Kua number is 5, you must use 2.


If a man was born in 1967, the calculation of KUA number is:

6 +7 = 13
1 +3 = 4
10-4 = 6

Your number will KUA 6.

If a woman born in 1974, the calculation of KUA number is:

7 +4 = 11
1 +1 = 2
5 +2 = 7

Your KUA number is 7.

People born after 2000, will change the formulas: Children, instead of subtracting the result of 10, subtract 9, and girls, instead of adding 5, we added six.

In the table below we see the correspondence with the elements of each Kua number.

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