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Feng Shui Tips for businesses

Feng Shui Tips for business, companies, offices and others.

The ultimate location for a company or any Retail, is different from a home. A prominent location is essential for success, with open space on the front, easy access and great influx of transients. (This is the case of a store with street access)

If the commercial establishment is not the view will be very necessary to strengthen and enhance the CHI, to him with lots of light, color, music, billboards, flags, input sources, etc..

If the Premises is located in a well downtown, the effort will focus on attracting customers to the back of the store getting something special inside, ensuring that exhibitors do not get too full of stuff.

The main thing is to save the money coming daily:

In the Company

We must look for the best coordinate to save, checks, bills receivable, notes payable, it will try to coordinate the room EAST OR THIS. Since it is the coordinate of prosperity.
This will attract better inputs to the company. It will get better customers, good payers.
In case of a shop or restaurant

- The Cash Register
- Do not stand in front of the door.
- There should be no edge or tip is directed towards it.

For the prosperity of a business, we must first determine its nature, ie which element it is linked by more prominent role.

Each type of business has its requirements: Example, the supermarket should have wide aisles, good lighting, among others.

The colors used in decoration, are directly related to the type of business.

Notices and logos

Here we find That is the perfect place to put our logo. The shape and size of the logos and emblems Should Maintain harmony and balance. It is the Color That Also recommended to be function of the type of company, however I, Should ideally be the one generated by the element Associated with it. Example:

Bussines cards

Dimensions are recommended to use Feng Shui in the design of the Cards. The ideal is 5 cm x 5 cm, or as standard would 5cm x 8cm. Caution should be exercised in terms of the colors of the letters.

In all matters relating to the formation of a company, business or commercial premises. We must have several requirements that will help the success of beautiful!

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I give advise for homes, companies, offices and businesses in general on the science of Feng Shui to bring harmony into your environment.

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