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Feng Shui tips for love

Next, we offer you 10 simple Feng Shui advices so that you find your ideal couple, or to improve the passion in your actual relationship or marriage.

Replace lonely figure images for happy couples'ones.

Art pieces have a tremendous impact on the subconscious. When you are surrounded of pictures, paintings, sculptures and figures of lonely characters, chances are that you are calling for solitude. Replace those images with happy couples and you will be more open for love

Create a sector of comfortable seats

The presence of only one chair or a few of them sends a clear message to the possible candidates: ¡Get out of here! If you are in search for love, create a comfortable, friendly space, full of chairs, seats and sofas.

Keep the TV out of the room

It doesn´t matter if it is a beautiful plasma recently bought, find another place for it. Nothing is worse against romance than a TV, especially when we have the habit of watching it at nights. If you have troubles to fall asleep, try to conceal your sleep reading some poetry or a romantic novel. Your subconscious will change accordingly and turn you into a virtual magnet of love.

Use sensual bed linen

That former pillow and those almost transparent sheets do no favor at all to your sexual life. Throw them to the trash and buy new pillows and fine silk sheets, and a sensual bedspread for your bed to be a worthy place of visit.

Decrease from King to Queen size

Sleeping in a giant bed is not something that works to cultívate intimacy. Invest in a comfortable queen sized bed if you want to find the love of your life. And if simply you can´t do the change, make sure to sleep with sheets that have stamps on, to add some enthusiasm to your sexual life.

Prepare for company

If you are alone, free some of your drawers, leave some open hangers in your wardrobe, and put another toothbrush in your bathroom. When you show that you are prepared to share your space with someone special, perspective for romance will increase sensibly.

Move away the bed from the wall

Placing the bed against the wall is a secure way to delete any chance that a lover interrupts your life. Tidy up your bedroom in a way that you have enough space to walk every side of your bed. And before you know it, instead of spending the night holding your beloved pillow, you are going to be together with someone special.

Make the “Relations sector” a throne for love

Having the front door of your house as a point of reference, the farthest right corner of your house represents relations, and in Feng Shui, it is known as “Gua of Relationships”. Therefore, you need to maintain this area, both as intimate as friendly. A loveseat with adjustable lights is ideal for this special place.


Keep the family away from the dormitory

The dormitory of your home represents your romantic life. The last images you want to see are those of your parents or the artworks or their toys. Leave those pictures and objects for other areas of your home, and keep your dormitory as your private refuge.

Think in pink

The warm colors, such as pink and red can animate your love life considerably. Soft tones, such as pink, orange and coral, can attract a kind partner who is attentive to your needs, while audacious colors attract a passionate adventurer to your side.

Temperature control is essential, it must allow to be nude without feeling cold. The dormitory sensation must be that of security and intimacy, but not of confinement. Curtains and carpets may contribute to generate a sensation of warmth and generate privacy, both visual and audible.

The position of the bed is fundamental to generate a sensation of privacy and protection. Bed must not be in a straight line with the door and there should not be windows or mirrors in the head of the bed. There should be nothing hanging from the bed either.

Avoid any additive that has nothing to do with rest and couple relationship. The worst thing you can have in a dormitory is a desk with a computer, files and work elements.

As of the dormitory, it is very important to examine all that can be seen from the bed. What is in front of the bed is often the last we see before sleeping and the first thing when we wake up. Positive images, pictures and objects must be carefully selected for this sector.

¿What to say about mirrors?

A classic rule of Feng Shui says that there must not be a mirror in the dormitory and a person must not see himself/herself while lying in the bed. The traditional explanation is that, if the couple reflects in the mirror is as if more people were inside the room, this can attract infidelity.

¿Is Feng Shui a religion or something like it?

The answer is NO. Feng Shui is an Art/Environmental science that studies the relation that exists between the space and the environment surrounding, as well as the relations between that space and the people who inhabit it or work in it. It is not related to any religion. It is a scientific discipline based in analysis of the energetic fields that surround us.



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