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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Can a house influence in our prosperity or in the fact of not finding a couple?

According to chinese and Feng Shui, Yes. Considering that everything is composed by atoms and molecules that print certain energy to each thing, causing positive energies, Thus the importance of re-decorating our environments in a rational way, consciously, to achieve the “healthy” home that aids us in the objective to be happy.

Does Feng Shui really Work?

"Yes, it especially helps to improve relations and even a person´s temper while he/she is going through a lot of stress. In the harmonizing labor, there is the influence of the energies that are managed in Feng Shui, but on the other side is the temper of each person, which is a synthesis of its nursing, preparation and life experiences, etc. When an environment is assessed, energies can be detected that influence over the temper of its occupants, making them arguers and depressive. If I cure this space, people experiment an improvement, which doesn´t mean that their character is going to chance, since it goes with them everywhere and every time. We must consider then Feng Shui energy and our character´s energy".

A home or office has its own energy?

"As we said, everything is composed of atoms and molecules, everything is energy. We are surrounded by an infinite amount of diverse waves and vibrations. When a construction ends, we say it is born, and from that moment, it generates an energetic map given by the 8 magnetic directions (N, S, E, W, NW, NE, SW, SE) that converge at the center of the house. In this map there are positive and negative energies that are going to influence over people. There are of love, success, prosperity, mental clarity, recognition, authority, etc, all of which have to be analyzed and verified so that they accomplish their positive objective".

Is it the reason why, to achieve a deep study, a compass is required?

"Yes, apart from an inspection of the environment of the place to analyze, and the birth date of the structure and of its occupants. Every direction gives a determined energy that vibrates with certain qualities. From all these information, an amalgam of earthly energies, environment, surrounding, electromagnetic and universe shapes (such as the influence of the moon over the tides) is produced."

These energies would reflect in life inside the house or workplace?

"If I review the energetic map, and have the correct one, it must match up with what people are experiencing, both in the relationships as in their professional career, health and prosperity. The first detection I make that Feng Shui works is that when I have a clear map, I can make an image of what is actually happening in a house. I have as an example, the case of a couple who had bought a house and since their arrival they started to argue very much. After making the energetic map, we discovered that in the main room there was an energetic combination that made the woman dominant and boosts marital disharmony. We had to change and cure that. Sometime later, I knew that the former owners had sold the property after divorcing".

In what sense can an oriental art help to fight the occidental ills?

"Harmonizing. I remember the case of a young professional who was doing good in her career, but because of the pressure of the environment and the rivalry, she was often stressed and full of insecurities. She felt alone, at the same time, because she didn´t have a couple. We worked out the energy of the relations in her house and carried out the respective cures. In about three weeks time, she had a better job and started a relation."

But, is it posible that sometimes the desired effects don´t take place?

"Of course. Everything depends on the energy of the place. There are houses that react very fast, other slowly. If we take the home as a living being, sometimes I have found that they have their energies very blocked, and require a meticulous work. In other occasion, I realize that I won´t have an excellent result, but nevertheless I do the work the best I can to achieve something good"

In spite of that, would you say that a Feng Shui assessment is a healthy investment?

"Certainly. Our home is our refuge, and it influences our life, either if we are or not conscious about it. That is why it is a very positive investment from every point of view to check the place we live in or even better, to build it up from the start applying Feng Shui principles so that it is propitious, evading the negative sectors and searching where the positive energies are to boost them and take advantage of them. The rest is made by the person itself. With no doubt, Feng Shui is a tool that helps me very much, but I also have a personal goal in which I have invested all my energy, as well as a person does when he/she is conscious that he/she is the architect of his/her destiny."

How much changes start to take place in a workplace when Feng Shui has been applied?

Feng Shui works with time-space and something that happens. There are moments in which the sky energy (that is in constant change) encounters with earth energy (which is stable). These are the two energies people can use to make things.

In a workplace there is a lot of action, many things occur, and in addition there is a continuous exchange between different people. Something happens in a specific place, at a specific moment. Thus, in the same place there can be different changes, of the environment, of time and of the personnel. All that together is going to determine the class of business, how is it going to develop and if it is going to be good or not. In Feng Shui study for a workplace, we try to find the best combination of the three forces, so that they are all content: The buyer, the seller and the workers. That is the idea.

An important application of Feng Shui is done with businesses. When we entrepreneur the adventure of opening our own business, we do it with the objective that it is successful, to recover what has been invested, that our earnings add up and that we can have economic stability.

For all that, we select the location carefully, invest large amounts of money in movable assets and decoration, we employ qualified people, however, we don´t think of the quality of energy that flows in the physical space where our new business is going to be placed, be it a commercial store or an office, if it isn´t the adequate, it will bring consequences that won´t let us achieve our goals and objectives.

Nowadays, more and more businessmen, businesswomen and business directives consult a Feng Shui expert, when they are going to entrepreneur a new project. Applying Feng Shui theories to a business or commercial store will help to create an adequate work environment, improving workers´ productivity, creating a positive energy and wellbeing that will translate into success and prosperity for the business.

The range of Feng Shui is complete, because it includes all ambits: physical space in architecture, interior designs and decoration, health and also mental balance of the individuals.

The Feng Shui expert, analyzes deeply numerous factors, to then apply theories and concepts, taking care of the quality of CHI, so that the space in which it moves is the adequate one.

A decisive factor in the analysis is to know the history of the place which is going to be the headquarters of our business. The effects of past energies continue even when the former inhabitants have left the building, affecting the prosperity of the new ones.

The immediate environment to our business, be it urban or rural is another decisive factor that affects the quality of the energy. The characteristics of nearby streets, their disposition in regard of our building, the traffic and its flow, the shape of our building and of neighboring buildings, its height, the material by which they are made, colors and the location of the outline that surrounds the place. Various elements such as trees, street lights, telephones, antennas, squares, roundabouts, nearby parks, factories, graveyards, clinics, hospitals, etc… they all affect the quality of energy of the place.

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