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What is feng shui for?

Feng Shui is used to harmonize the energies in the environment, which depend of its structure, location, size and color with my personal energy, in which way I will obtain positive and favorable results for my life, my family, friends and contacts. The purpose is that in this successful relation of the subject with the environment, he/she improves the quality of life and those of who are around him/her.

In our homes

Feng Shui in some way tries to dig in the aspirations we all have in life and attempts to help us reach them.

By observing and modifying the spaces in your home, you improve your energy, achieving harmony and happiness within the family, considering of course, every member that composes this nucleus, parents and siblings in an out of home.

The following are aspects that can be harmonized from home:

  • - Love, marriage
  • - Personal relations
  • - Professional Career
  • - Health
  • - Wealth and success
  • - Children
  • - New ventures
  • - Social recognition
In our workplaces

In our workplaces, be it an office, a store or factories, we all look for success and prosperity as our first objective, and so we have to create an positive working environment. Feng Shui turns into an ideal vehicle to start a positive dynamic of change.

In this case, character aspirations that are analyzed are:

  • - Reputation and brand value and the professionals it is made of.
  • - Internal relations (between employees) and external (client gain).
  • - New ventures.
  • - Leadership.
  • - Employee´s motivation.
  • - Employee´s health.
  • - Individual´s professional career.
  • - Sales, recoveries and treasury.

Personal data

  Ana Maria Balarezo

I give advise for homes, companies, offices and businesses in general on the science of Feng Shui to bring harmony into your environment.

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