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About Us

Our Mission

We are a commercial business dedicated to offer Feng Shui consultancy to improve the quality of life of our clients, using the positive energies of the universe that surrounds them. We call these consultancies “Integral solutions for a better living.

Our Vision

We will consolidate as one the vanguard businesses of the country with the study of the relation between our energy and that of the nature, as well as, of the changes that have to be made to obtain the best physical and mental wellbeing with our immediate environment.

Ana María

My name is Ana María Balarezo Balarezo. I actually live in Lima, Perú. I met Feng Shui in Caracas, Venezuela in the year 2005, since then, I decided to dedicate completely to its study.

I am a fashion and interior designer graduated from academy “Madeleine Vionnet”. Next, I did some courses of fashion jewelry in different institutes. Later, I studied an executive secretarial course in Spanish in academy “Ela” – Lima/Peru. Later I did a qualification in “SME’s (Small and Medium Enterprise) Management” in the Chamber of Commerce of Lima.

At first I was autodidact and read a vast amount of Feng Shui books that got into my hands.

Out of all of them, the one that fulfilled best my expectancies was “Curso Avanzado de Feng Shui” (“Advanced Course in Feng Shui”) by Eva Wong, who was born in Hong Kong, where she studied Classic Chinese, the I Ching together with Moy Lin-Shin, expert in Feng Shui. She belongs to the Hsüan-K’ung school, author of various classic Taoist textbooks.

I have also read various books from Lilian Too, master in business management from Harvard Business School in Boston (USA). Almost all of her Feng Shui books have turned into Best-Sellers. It was then, that I found myself interested in Feng Shui.

My first studies were made in the School of shapes and BRB, Xuan Kong Fei Xing (Flying Stars) with teacher Galaxia Cuervo, Feng Shui consultant, graduated from the Alfonso Leon’s (Architect of dreams) School in Caracas, Venezuela.

After that, I also joined the CENTRO INTEGRAL POMAIRE in Caracas, Venezuela (from 2006 to 2007) where I studied Classic Feng Shui, complemented with the Traditional Ba Zhai (eight mansions) Schools. As well as the interaction between Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui, with facilitator Doraima Hernández, graduated in Statistics Management (UCV) Universidad Central de Venezuela. Since 1996 she has been dedicated to the holistic area (alternative therapies) and Feng Shui.

Afterwards, I studied Ki Astrology of the 9 stars JIN XING QI in Caracas, Venezuela (2007) with Mónica Koppel, instructor and owner with her husband Bruno Koppel of the first profesional school in Feng Shui, in Mexico.

Note: All courses have been translated to English for your understanding, but they were all taken in Spanish.


Personal data

  Ana Maria Balarezo

I give advise for homes, companies, offices and businesses in general on the science of Feng Shui to bring harmony into your environment.

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