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Study of Feng Shui: for Enterprise / Business & Office.

Feng Shui Consultancy

It consists of two visits to the company, or business office, which will serve for the evaluation of the current situation and the verification of changes or improvements suggested.

On the first visit:

For Enterprise, or Business Office will be:

Study of internal and external environment of the property.
Identification of the orientation of the entrance of the business and its effect on the line of business (thus generates the changes necessary to the proper conduct of such business).
Evaluation of the facade, effects and improvements to be made.
Locate the power points to locate the office owner or manager of the business.
Identification of the best areas for the location of personnel according to their functions, to achieve greater productivity.
Reduce stress and anxiety that so often accompany economic affairs.
Improving peer relationships to influence his happiness and performance at work.
Take digital photos of the interior and exterior of the business or commercial premises.
The duration of this tour lasts between 60-90 minutes according to the area of the property. (This tour is No Charge)

Delivery of the Report:

In 20 Days, you will receive the full report, with text (improvements to each room), detailed map (indicating decorating styles, colors and optimal distribution of furniture to optimize the energy flow.
This report will guide you to make the necessary changes according to Feng Shui.
Personal study of each of the members of the company to promote more favorable orientations (to work) and avoid unfavorable sectors (related to diseases, mishaps, misfortunes, etc.).
Recommendations to solve all the negative conditions of the company, business or office.
Recommendations ambience (colors, decoration to use at each location, optimal distribution of furniture according to your budget so that you can perform.
Placement of regulators, harmonies and enhancers. (Some provided by me. As pakua mirrors, faceted crystals, and others if necessary).

Required Information:
  • Copy of plan of the property. In the case of not having the plane, it shall develop a simple plane (hand), which will serve as a reference.
  • In the case of business, whether it is preferable to have accurate floor plans, especially if is made of various facilities or environments.
  • Date of birth of people living in the home, or people working in the building.
  • It is ideal workers meet their guidelines to assess favorable and unfavorable for good job performance.
  • Knowing the aspirations or goals, as well as problems or obstacles, which will serve to guide the home improvement or work.

"The universe wants to give you everything. The moment you change your vibration to abundance,
the universe begin sending people, situations and opportunities that reflect their inner state "

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