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Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a science and a philosophy, both ancient practice whose ultimate objective is to improve our quality of life, our happiness. We appreciate it as a tool that can serve us to harmonize our individual energy with the environment. Harmonize the vital energy that flows through our being and projecting in our immediate area, our homes and our workplaces, in order for the occupants to enjoy health, vitality and prosperity. The Feng Shui attracts positive vibes in every way.

Feng Shui origins remount to more than 3000 years in ancient China. The wise Chinese of that epoch, through observation, found the existence of a force of energy that moved everything that existed and named it CHI. It fed and benefited people, nature and the whole environment. At the same time, they discovered that this positive force of energy could turn into negative or SHA CHI; depending on...
Feng Shui is used to harmonize the energies in the environment, which depend of its structure, location, size and color with my personal energy, in which way I will obtain positive and favorable results for my life, my family, friends and contacts. The purpose is that in this successful relation of the subject with the environment, he/she improves the quality of life and those of who are around...
Can a house influence in our prosperity or in the fact of not finding a couple? According to chinese and Feng Shui, Yes. Considering that everything is composed by atoms and molecules that print certain energy to each thing, causing positive energies, Thus the importance of re-decorating our environments in a rational way, consciously, to achieve the “healthy” home that aids us in the objective...
Next, we offer you 10 simple Feng Shui advices so that you find your ideal couple, or to improve the passion in your actual relationship or marriage. Replace lonely figure images for happy couples'ones. Art pieces have a tremendous impact on the subconscious. When you are surrounded of pictures, paintings, sculptures and figures of lonely characters, chances are that you are calling for solitude...
Feng Shui Tips for business, companies, offices and others. The ultimate location for a company or any Retail, is different from a home. A prominent location is essential for success, with open space on the front, easy access and great influx of transients. (This is the case of a store with street access) If the commercial establishment is not the view will be very necessary to strengthen and...


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I give advise for homes, companies, offices and businesses in general on the science of Feng Shui to bring harmony into your environment.

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